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Air Miles Canada

I’ve worked at Air Miles Canada for over 8 years.  I worked alongside designers, copy writers and account managers to deploy content to the airmiles.ca websites for 11 million collectors. These clients included BMO, American Express and Shell. My focus was on Web Development, Push Notifications, Email Production, and Social Media Ad Posts both paid and organic to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I worked collaboratively with the Social Media team to structure and post campaigns from start to finish, and provided support documentation on Best Practices when executing Social Media and Digital Marketing Posts.

AD Units : Homepage Bricks, Leaderboards, Spotlights and Big Boxes

Responsible for populating the site with ad campaigns, segmented by location, age and collector level. Clients included BMO, American Express, and Apple among others.

My Metro Campaign

American Express 2,000 Bonus Air Miles Reward Miles Event Campaign

Air Miles for Business Campaign

BMO 2,000 Bonus Air Miles Campaign

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